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Dr. Jackler is the Sewall Professor emeritus and the former Chair of the Department of Otolaryngology — Head & Neck Surgery at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Under his leadership the faculty grew from 6 to over 50, is ranked #13 in Ear, Nose and Throat according to 2022 US News and World Report, and grew annual research budget from nil to over $12 million.

Dr. Jackler is an otologist-neurotologist who specializes in complex ear diseases. He has a special interest in tumors of the lateral and posterior cranial base and has written numerous analytical papers derived from his microsurgical series. A long standing collaboration with medical illustrator Chris Gralapp has produced @3000 original illustrations of ear and cranial base surgery. Since 1989, Dr. Jackler has maintained a fellowship program in neurotology & skull base surgery which has trained many academic leaders in the field.

Dr. Jackler has authored 180+ peer reviewed papers, 40+ chapters, numerous editorials, published four books Neurotology (1994, 2004), Atlas of Neurotology & Skull Base Surgery (1996, 2008), Tumors of the Ear and Temporal Bone (2000), and Ear Surgery Illustrated (2019). Dr. Jackler leads the Stanford Initiative to Cure Hearing Loss whose mission is to create biological cures for major forms of inner ear hearing loss through a research effort that is sustained, large-scale, multidisciplinary, focused, goal–oriented, and transformational. He is past president of the American Neurotology Society, editor-in chief emeritus of the journal Otology & Neurotology, and is an honorary member of the Royal College of Surgeons in both London and Edinburgh.

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Chris Gralapp, MA, CMI is a freelance medical and scientific illustrator who specializes in depicting the conditions and surgical treatments of the head and neck. She is a graduate of the UCSF Master’s Program in Medical and Biological Illustration.

Chris provides visual communications for academic applications, medical legal, multimedia and the medical device industry.  Her long-time association with Dr. Jackler has formed the centerpiece of her career, and collaborating on this comprehensive atlas has been a privilege.

Based in Northern California, Chris is an active member of the Association of Medical Illustrators and the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

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