Welcome to the Stanford School of Medicine WordPress Cloud.  This is a sample post to demonstrate how posts will look in the school’s current theme.  Remember to delete this post before the site is published.  If you are new to WordPress, we recommend visiting WP101 to learn about how to use the system.  As a backup, IRT’s Dedicated Web Support is able to help you as well.

Training Options

Lynda LogoLynda.com is an excellent resource for WordPress and many other web topics. See all the WordPress Lessons.  Login and use for free at https://itservices.stanford.edu/lynda

WP101.com is a WordPress-focused video tutorial service to we also recommend.  You can sign here.
$12/month (Use STAP Funds)


Watch the IRT Web Services site and join the Web Author CAP Group to keep upto data on new features, tips & tricks, and upcoming free School of Medicine WordPress Classes.

If you still need some questions answered, send IRT Web Help a message via our help form.

Have Fun!